P R E P A R E   F O R   Y O U R   M I D L I F E   C R I S I S

Cougar is an exhilarating thrill ride set in the rugged wilderness that mixes adventure, horror and humour in a Spielberg-inspired, 'animals attack' journey of redemption. Heartbroken after catching her fiancé cheating, and now living in perpetual fear of becoming a 'cat lady,' Laura impulsively takes a new, younger lover out for a weekend cabin adventure that quickly turns deadly when they are preyed upon by a pack of cougars.

In nature's most delicious case of situational irony, Laura will battle to defend herself and others through a series of extraordinary escapes, leading to the ultimate showdown at her fiancé's logging camp with the voracious Den Mother.

Frightening, funny, relevant and fresh, this fully-developed story is the perfect concept for your next feature project. Packed with marketability and engaging to all audiences, keep exploring for a complete scene-by-scene outline, character breakdowns, branding strategies and more. 

(*Novel currently in development)

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This website is intended to be a guidebook for the cinematic world of Cougar, offering a visual introduction to the characters, environments, key plot points, production notes and conceptual artwork as you read the full script. Imagery offered is for suggestion purposes only, and should in no way be considered a confirmation either on casting choices or final design.